Hymn to Mahalakshmi

Hymn to Mahalakshmi

In order to understand the feminine

The Great Hymn to Mahalakshmi

O Mahalakshmi I salute Thee,
Thou art Mahamaya and Sripitha,
Worshipped art thou by angels
Holder of conch, disc and mace,
O Mahalakshmi I salute Thee.

O Mahalakshmi I salute thee,
Mounted art thou on the back of Garuda,
Thou art a terror most formidable to Asura Kola,
Thou removest all sins,
O Dea, Mahalakshmi, obeisance to Thee,
Mahalakshmi, thou knowest all.

Giver of boons art thou to all,
Formidable destroyer of all evil,
Remover of all pain and sorrow,
Mahalakshmi, salutation to Thee.

O Dea, Mahalakshmi,
Thou Art the Giver of Intelligence and success
And of both worldly enjoyment and liberation
Thou Art the self of mantra,
O Mahalakshmi, obeisance to Thee.

Thou Art without beginning or end,
O supreme Dea, Mahalakshmi,
Thou Art the primaeval Power and art born of yoga
Mahalakshmi, salutation to Thee.

Thou Art both gross and subtle,
Thou Art terrible and a great power,
Thou removest all great sins,
O Mahalakshmi obeisance to Thee.

O Dea enthroned on the lotus,
Thou Art the supreme Brahman,
The ever-pervading Atman,
Thou Art the great Raya and Mother of the world,
O Dea, salutation to Thee.

O Dea, clad in white raiment,
Adorned with varied gems,
Mother and Upholder of the world Art Thou,
Mahalakshmi, obeisance to Thee.

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