Arcana Coelestia, the most dificult in Swedenborg

Hello everyone!

Here we go then.
It isn't easy to start ... as you may have noticed ... :)

I meet up regularly with a very small group. Later I will give more details about us. Right now what is important to mention is that we are studying the Arcana Coelestia.

I have chosen consciously to start by studying what I considered to be Swedenborg's most bitter pill !

For me, it's easy to dive in this  ... since I already love the "Swedenborgian ocean" - (it was love at first sight, incidentally). For others, not yet imbued with this interest, starting with the most difficult may be a disappointment ...

I encourage everybody to whom the Old Testament, may be something similar to what was to me, (depressing!), to read on, don't give up ... 

And I adress here the people who have read the last and new book of Nobel writer Saramago, which is about and of course radically against the Bible - I promise you will be in state to bring totally new insights into the meaning of the Old Testamente - but I say that to read Swedenborg brings much more then that ability.

Mergulhar de cabeça nesta falésia... a pílula mais amarga de Swedenborg!

Olá a todos!
Aqui vamos então.
Não está fácil começar... já repararam... :)

Reuno-me periodicamente em Haia, com um pequeníssimo grupo. Mais tarde darei mais detalhes sobre a sua composição. Neste momento o que importa dizer é que estamos a estudar o Arcana Celeste.

Foi conscientemente que escolhi começar por estudar aquilo que eu considerava ser a pílula mais amarga de Swedenborg!!
Prefiro conhecer primeiro aquilo que posso não gostar, e as dificuldades; mas para o arranque do blogue isso é menos conveniente.
Para mim, é fácil mergulhar de cabeça nesta falésia... pois já amo o Oceano Swedenborgiano - (foi amor à primeira vista, aliás). Para outras pessoas, ainda não embuídas desse interesse, começar com o mais difícil, pode ser um desalento...

Quero alentar os portugueses para quem o confronto com o Antigo Testamento, possa ser algo semelhante ao que foi para mim: depressivo!  Avancem, não desistam... e, quanto mais não seja, terão muito que responder a Saramago! E quem diz que isso é pouco? É só preciso um pouco de paci|encia para chegarmos lá e a Caím... No entanto — graças à parte — há muito mais Graça em estudar Swedenborg!


Hello! - About me

This diary is written in English because it's aim is exactly for me to try to communicate with other people from several nationalities who are interested in Swedenborg, or in My Way to Freedom, and who can't read Portuguese.
This imposition - the English - makes it that my language is simple as well as my way of expressing ideas. It's a necessary price that you and I need to pay. I apologize for my English which is very imperfect in spite of my love for language and poetry as mother of the arts. I will be tankful to anyone who corrects me, then I can learn. I speak some 6 languages, more or less. It's mostly my Dutch that messed up my English. :)
I am born in Lusitania, another name for Portugal, which as far as I know means country of Light - which it is, inside and out. I lived there, most of the time in the beautiful historical Sintra and in the capital, up to the age of being able to do things om my own. I left in order to study abroad... After that the story is very complex.
For now I interrupt the story here. But not without saying that I am in a very unstable phase, and so I hold the freedom to change all I write anytime, to make it better, or for whatever reason.