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This diary is written in English because it's aim is exactly for me to try to communicate with other people from several nationalities who are interested in Swedenborg, or in My Way to Freedom, and who can't read Portuguese.
This imposition - the English - makes it that my language is simple as well as my way of expressing ideas. It's a necessary price that you and I need to pay. I apologize for my English which is very imperfect in spite of my love for language and poetry as mother of the arts. I will be tankful to anyone who corrects me, then I can learn. I speak some 6 languages, more or less. It's mostly my Dutch that messed up my English. :)
I am born in Lusitania, another name for Portugal, which as far as I know means country of Light - which it is, inside and out. I lived there, most of the time in the beautiful historical Sintra and in the capital, up to the age of being able to do things om my own. I left in order to study abroad... After that the story is very complex.
For now I interrupt the story here. But not without saying that I am in a very unstable phase, and so I hold the freedom to change all I write anytime, to make it better, or for whatever reason.

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  1. Hello! And thanks for pausing your mundane activities to visit me at the manor. :^)
    My life is full of mandane today. All your visits made me giggle. Hope you're enjoying your Sunday.

  2. I'm so glad I could make you gigle, he giggle! What a honour!!! Honor!
    So kind of you to made time to comment at my very little and modest home.
    Thank you for the great inauguration! I simply enjoyed my Sunday after your visit.

    I still didn't really get to my other mundane tasks, so I'm getting smaller each day. =^^I hope I hurry up... :)

    I'll never forget your kindness

  3. Hello and thank you for your visit to my blog. This is a very beautiful page and I see that you've taken on a major task by creating so many blogs! I can only handle one! I notice that you appreciate Lucia Popp too; she is also a favourite of mine.

    Wishing you all the best with your studies. You certainly have an artistic flair.

    Cheers from Australia.

  4. Hi Alaine, thank you for your kind words.

    It's the Libra in me! I can not choose, and try to kind of paint with theses blog templates - and that goes wrong!

    I'm never satisfied with how the mine look.
    I think I'll not be able to handle well more either, but I'll need to separate some things, and I try to figure out how. Some blogs I created are maybe for much later, and if things go in a certain way...

    Lucia Popp, yes so wonderful, I'm glad to hear you like her too.

    Cheers from Holland! :)

  5. Olá, Cygnus!

    Estou escrevendo para agradecer pelo comentário naquele meu post já antigo. Se quiser, e quando puder, me mande um e-mail para conversarmos.

    Desculpe, não sei se podia escrever um comentário em português aqui, mas fiquei com preguiça de escrever em inglês. hehe


  6. In two languages: :)

    Claro que pode e deve escrever em português aqui... ! Não tem nada que pedir desculpa.

    This week-end I hope to start writing on this blog...

    I hope you come along somehow... My attention is split... as Alaine warned me above, it is not easy to have more then one blog... and I have been having a lot to do on Facebook!

    Será um prazer conversar mais consigo André. Mas neste momento têm que ser mais vocês a vir ter comigo do que eu com vocês... quando não perco-me completamente. :)))

    André, eu acho que distributismo e Swedenborg, vão muito bem juntos.

    Distributism is one of the best political concepts- and maybe...that is why they did not talk about it up to now... just as about Swedenborg!

    See you soon, I hope!

    Beijinho grande!


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