Arcana Coelestia, the most dificult in Swedenborg

Hello everyone!

Here we go then.
It isn't easy to start ... as you may have noticed ... :)

I meet up regularly with a very small group. Later I will give more details about us. Right now what is important to mention is that we are studying the Arcana Coelestia.

I have chosen consciously to start by studying what I considered to be Swedenborg's most bitter pill !

For me, it's easy to dive in this  ... since I already love the "Swedenborgian ocean" - (it was love at first sight, incidentally). For others, not yet imbued with this interest, starting with the most difficult may be a disappointment ...

I encourage everybody to whom the Old Testament, may be something similar to what was to me, (depressing!), to read on, don't give up ... 

And I adress here the people who have read the last and new book of Nobel writer Saramago, which is about and of course radically against the Bible - I promise you will be in state to bring totally new insights into the meaning of the Old Testamente - but I say that to read Swedenborg brings much more then that ability.

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