What is sin?

Sin is nothing but the failure to recognize human wretchedness. - Simone Weil

A revelation, an understanding of sin and evil liberates us from sin and evil.
A denial of the existence of sin and evil, make us one day fall into it and be enslaved.

Swedenborg shines a tremendous light on this. i shall write of it another time.
I believe it is one of the revolutionary changes

The recognition of human wretchedness is difficult for whoever is rich and powerful because he is almost invincibly led to believe that he is something. 
It is equally difficult for the man in miserable circumstances because he is almost invincibly led to believe that the rich and powerful man is something.
I must say that there's  a precious paragraph of Swedenborg somewhere where he says that in fact, it is not the human being that is evil, but that he is continuously seduced by the evil spirits, up to the moment when he wants to shun the evil, and then with Jesus help it is possible.

I think this difference is very important.

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